Product Catalog: Cisco Small Business: Wireless

We can give you the ability to expand your existing networks without having to string network cables or deal with a plethora of options and configuration schemes. Cisco Wireless Access Points allow your business to grow its important network resources to serve additional clients and guests, increasing productivity by delivering speedy, unfettered access to critical files.

With a Cisco Wireless solution you'll be able to:
Cisco AP 500 Series Wireless Access Points
Connect to your network with a 802.11n clustering access point with integrated QoS and robust security allowing a wireless network to be as secure and reliable as any wired network.
Cisco Aironet Access Points
Cisco Aironet access points deliver industry-leading performance for highly secure and reliable wireless connections, particularly for those businesses deploying advanced mobility applications.
Cisco Small Business Wireless Access Points
Cost effective, easy to use network access so your employees can work wherever they are.

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